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What a Healthy Lifestyle Entails and How It Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Becoming physically fit and adhering to a healthy diet are essential components of living a healthy lifestyle. There is no way that healthy eating alone will make us healthy. However, one cannot assert that they are leading a healthy lifestyle if they devote little to no time to any form of physical activity. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is one that strikes a balance between the two.

It is important to promote a healthy lifestyle in Saudi Arabia as much as in any other country. As people’s schedules fill up with more and more obligations, they have less time to focus on their health and fitness.

You’ve decided to go with a healthy, nutritious diet, but you also need to work out regularly and seriously if you want to see results.

Combining Exercise and Training Routines

We can all be secretly carrying around excess fat. The accumulation of fat in various areas, including the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and arms, is the result of an inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits. In addition to the accumulation of fat, the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle include weight gain, diabetes, and even cancer. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet can help your body fight off these conditions.

It’s possible that the public has only heard of one type of physical activity, the kind that makes you sweat. However, a comprehensive exercise routine will include cardio, strength training, and flexibility. These three types of exercise are essential for a well-rounded fitness program.

Training for Endurance

Increasing one’s stamina is the goal of endurance training, another name for cardiovascular exercise. The goal of this type of exercise is to improve cardiovascular health and lung capacity. Normal examples include aerobics, walking, running, and swimming.

Conditioning the Muscles by Using Resistance

Resistance training is done to increase muscle mass and strength while cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and lungs. It also aids in the burning off of excess fat that has been accumulated. Using tools like resistance bands, dumbbells, and machines, resistance training is often referred to as “weight lifting.”


Flexibility training, also known as stretching, is easier than the first two categories. Flexibility training is typically performed last, after other forms of exercise such as cardio and weight lifting. After a strenuous workout, this helps bring down your body temperature and relieve

muscle tension. Yoga and Pilates are excellent practices for increasing flexibility and calming the mind. For more information visit Greeting us

Benefits of Exercise and Fitness

In addition to preserving one’s body’s functionality and fitness, a healthy diet and regular exercise can lessen one’s risk of developing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, they maintain a healthy body by consistently eliminating excess fat and enhancing muscle mass.

Adding exercise to one’s routine also has other advantages:

Decrease Physical Stress and Eliminate Depression – Living an active lifestyle lowers physical stress and lifts the mood. Because of the release of feel-good endorphins and other opioid peptides during exercise, symptoms of depression and stress tend to fade over time, while joy and confidence rise in their place.

Due to the energy expenditure of physical activity, the metabolic rate rises to provide for this fueling. Physical activity not only helps you gain muscle, but it also helps you burn fat.

Increased quality of sleep is one benefit of developing and sticking to healthy exercise and lifestyle habits. Insomnia and other sleep disturbances like it can be alleviated as well.

Enhanced cognitive abilities, thanks to the positive effects of regular physical activity on brain health. Maintaining a steady flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain has been shown to enhance cognition and raise levels of self-awareness by neutralizing brain-bound free radicals.

Considering all the upsides, it’s hard to imagine anyone resisting the urge to start exercising regularly. It’s okay if you’ve spent the last five years of your life watching TV. The time to begin living a more physically active and healthy lifestyle is now.

Dr. Badr Al Shibani is an entrepreneur and fitness expert with a decade’s worth of experience in the field. Numerous certificates in the management of weight-reduction and fitness-related businesses are among his many accomplishments.

At the London Olympic Games last year, he was selected to carry the flame. To encourage more people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, he opened Kai Fitness Center in Jeddah in 2001. Numerous workshops and articles on health and fitness have been written and presented by him.

To combat the rising rates of childhood obesity, he is currently advocating for increased school sports participation. Dr. Alshibani established both Wazen Fitness Solutions and Hadath PR in Saudi Arabia.

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