What You Need to Know about Label Machines?

Labelling machines print, display, or apply labels on products, containers, and any other item. Labels are important for organizing, displaying, and differentiating between products. Hence, many companies and brands focus on how and what kind of labels they should print on their products.

When talking about labelling machines, you may think there is nothing much to learn except which buttons to press to get a printed label on the product.

Let’s discuss what labelling machines are, what they do, why they are important, and what use do they offer.

What is a Label Machine?

Labelling machines are common in use in manufacturing, production, and packaging plants or factories. You will find them in various configurations, sizes, and shapes. These machines have ready-made labels that they stick onto products or other packaging material. This process of labelling an item is important because you can’t identify a product or good without its label.

Whether you want a front poster and sticker or the ingredient information at the back, you can use a label machine. For example, when you manufacture a product for the market, you will come up with a label idea. However, the number of products will determine how long it takes you to label them in total if you have manual machines. Conversely, when using an automated label machine, you will save time, resources, and energy. The automated systems are precise, fast, and accurate in printing labels on a variety of products.

How Does a Label Machine Work?

So, how a label machine works? It depends on the labelling requirements and application. In an automatic label machine, you don’t require an operator. However, when it comes to manual or semi-automatic label machines, you will need an operator to package the products. You can also use multiple options depending on the type of application you require.

What Kind of Products and Surfaces Does a Label Machine Label?

Label machines provide printed labels for many types of products and packaging. Whether it is a large, cylindrical, oval, angular, or conical product type, labelling machines can print labels on nearly any product. Here are the different types of surfaces for which you can use a label machine.

  • Damp surfaces
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Solid surfaces
  • Oily surfaces
  • Dusty and rough surfaces
  • Elastic surfaces

When planning to buy a label machine, you have to consider the adhesive strength of the machine itself. Further, you will have to figure out whether the required printed labels are present in your label machine or not.


It is possible to run a production and packaging line with the integration of labelling machines. If you don’t have the right experience in choosing a label machine for your business, you can get help from experts online. You can also check the top gadgets of 2021 and choose the best one for your needs.

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