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«If you were paid for each game session, you would already gain a fortune.» If you are a real computer game enthusiast, you may have heard such phrases from your friends and family. Indeed, it would be a dream to earn your living through the games. But believe me, it’s not a dream. It’s a marvelous reality.

The creation of one game requires the participation of thousands of people. On each stage, it goes through numerous professionals as well as game fans. So, if you want to dedicate your life or, at least, its part to this occupation, you can find your place and a decent income, to boot.

In this article, I’d like to tell you about the five most exciting and well-paid jobs that you can find in the modern labor market of video games.

Game Streamer

Nowadays, the development of such platforms like Twitch and Youtube gave wide freedom for every content maker.

If you have a powerful computer, reliable WiFi, some gaming experience and skills, you can start your own channel and stream each game. With the increase of audience, your little gaming sessions may turn into a show with subsequent monetization.

The best feature of such a job is that it doesn’t require extra effort. Streaming platforms are open to all stream beginners. Due to the abundance of games, each person can find its viewers. However, remember that if you want to reach the top of gamers’ list and earn, you’ll have to be patient. It takes time to spin a new channel.

Besides, people come to get entertained and to see a show. So, be ready to run regular streams, play in your unique way, and give your audience bright emotions.

The best game streamers get over $100 000 annually. As you see, the game is risky, but the reward is greater.

Game Tester

With the development of the video game industry, the job of a game tester becomes increasingly popular.

Testers work with new games, which were written but not released. Before users get it, you’ll have to play the game on all levels and, at the same time, perform checking. Mostly, it means bug searching and fixing or informing developers.

The job seems quite easy, but it’s an extremely important stage in the development of a high-quality product. Commercial success directly depends on how carefully the application was checked. If the game is full of defects, the gamer will hardly play it for more than an hour and recommend it to others.

Besides, the vacancy will require certain knowledge and even education. Firstly, you need some gaming experience. Also, a tester should know English, be acquainted with various gaming devices and software. Some vacancies require education in programming and game design.

Anyway, all your effort will be highly paid, as professional game testers can earn up to $50 000 per year.

Game Writer

The labor market also offers jobs for those who want to try themselves on the other side of the game development process.

Every serial, film, or book starts with an idea. Later, it grows words and turns into an independent story. Games also need a solid script. Otherwise, they won’t be exciting.

Game writers are responsible for the writing of scripts, which, over the years, become more and more similar to the film scripts. Writers describe characters, their world, invent plot twists. Gamer’s manual, menus, and other documentation are also part of their work.

Though game writers should take into account some peculiarities of the genre, first of all, they should have proper literary language and vivid imagination. So, if you have not only gaming experience but also literary background, don’t be afraid to try yourself.

Like script- and playwriters, famous video game writers can count on a high fee. The most successful stories bring their authors over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Game Artist

Later, all images invented by writers come into the next stage, where they take shape. Consequently, video game production needs artists – a lot of artists.

If you feel like preferring drawing to playing, you will probably like the job of a game artist.

Collect your best works and make a portfolio. It’s great to take an example from the best famous game artists, but if you want to reach success, you should also have your unique style.

Surely, a drawing gift is not all that you’ll need. Game production requires thorough knowledge in the design and graphic design with the use of special programs and IT tools. Try to work in Mudbox, QuixelDDo, Substance Painter, Softimage XSI, and much other software.

Also, before job searching, employers recommend getting specialized education. Nowadays, many educational institutions open programs, which combine art and IT.

However, it can be rather difficult for an unexperienced artist to get into the game industry. But successful specialists earn on a par with the members of technical teams. So, if you make some effort, you can get over $50 000 per year.

Game PR Manager

«OK, I cannot write, I cannot draw, and I’m not attentive enough to search for bugs. All I want is to play games and tell other people about them. How can I find a job in the video game industry»?

Well, the answer to your question isn’t confusing at all. Those who love games and have excellent communicative skills are very welcomed in any game company as PR specialists.

Proper presentation of games is no less important than the creation and production stages. Among hundreds of companies and games presented in the market, your product must draw the attention of gamers to become a hit. Otherwise, even if it has excellent design, graphics, and story, no one will come to appreciate them.

Your job is to describe a game in such a way to make people crave it. You will study all previous versions of the game, write promotional texts, make and distribute trailers. Besides, you will communicate with advertising platforms and arrange presentations and events.

Success in this sphere highly depends on your charisma and experience, but a degree in journalism or advertising will become a huge advantage. Anyway, if your games are best-sellers, you can count on $55 000 salaries and more.

Don’t listen to those who tell you that games are nothing by hobby. The game industry is looking for talented and hard-working specialists in various spheres. And if you really want to make some effort and earn your living through video games, you’ll get your success. And I wish you good luck!

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