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Why A Social Media Audit Is Important and How NetbaseQuid Can Help?

For businesses of all types today, having a strong social media presence is a must to stay ahead of the competition. From advertising new products to interacting with customers, social media outlets play a larger role in the corporate world than ever before. However, most companies at various times experience situations where they may need to redefine their social media goals. When this is the case, a social media audit is needed, which is where NetbaseQuid can be of assistance. 

Trend Analytics 

In today’s business world, analytics are used by all companies to learn more about how their products and services are trending on social media. Since the competition is so intense, even one downturn in online trending can cost a company thousand or even millions of dollars. To keep this from happening, a social media audit is often used to not only analyze recent trends, but also to understand if a company’s digital marketing endeavors on social media are reaching the intended audience and thus building the company’s brand.

Campaign Strategies 

Due to the tremendous amounts of time and money that are spent developing ad campaigns, companies know even the slightest misstep can be a disaster. In performing an audit of social media, companies can analyze tremendous amounts of consumer data regarding their company’s performance, consumer satisfaction regarding products and services, and much more. By doing an audit, companies can gain a much better in-depth understanding of their target audience, which in turn can be used to develop more effective digital marketing strategies.

Product Innovation 

On social media, influencers are prized for their ability to turn consumers on to the latest products and services. However, learning how to use these individuals and get them interested in a company’s products can be challenging to say the least. By utilizing NetbaseQuid and its AI market-research capabilities, companies can learn how to spot industry trends as they are just beginning to take shape. In doing so, topics and people that are gaining more and more attention can be identified and incorporated within the marketing strategy. 

It’s All About the Brand 

Since all companies know consumers can switch brands anytime they wish, it is imperative a social media audit be used to examine brand health. This includes evaluating not only the product itself, but also how consumers perceive the company and its actions and reactions regarding social issues and other important topics. Once technology becomes an integral part of a company’s social media strategy, brand perception can be more easily monitored in real-time via consumer feedback channels. In addition, brand sentiment can be easily tracked over time, allowing for conclusions on whether brand perception is improving or declining. 

Why NetbaseQuid? 

Whether it is analyzing algorithms, media coverage of a company and its products and services, or developing a stronger platform to assess customer feedback, NetbaseQuid has products that can do all this and more for a company’s social media audit. Working with customers in such industries as finance, hospitality, healthcare, and many others, NetbaseQuid has been able to help companies reach or exceed their business goals. Through the use of such products as Quid Technology, Netbase Voice of the Customer, and many other technology packages, it becomes possible to take virtually any type of business to the next level.

Rather than sit back and continue to be confused as to why your company’s brand is not as strong as that of your competitors, rely on NetbaseQuid to put state-of-the-art technology and analysis to work for you. In doing so, you’ll likely find efficiency, product strategies, and most of all profits will increase.

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