5 Tips for Windshield Repairs

The most important phase of a windshield repair project is the prep phase. If you fail to properly prepare for the job, you’ll probably run into problems when the repairs are in progress. This guide has information that strategically covers everything that you must consider before you repair a windshield.

The Condition of the Damage

When you notice a crack on your windshield, you shouldn’t delay the repairs. According to studies, one minor crack could become larger over time. This happens to 90 percent of chipped windshields. If a crack covers too much of a windshield’s surface, it could influence poor decisions on the road. You can’t see beyond a severe crack because its jagged edges are very distracting.

The Size of the Crack

Some cracks on a windshield can’t be repaired. These cracks are usually very severe and large. If your windshield has this type of crack, you may need to seek a replacement windshield instead of repairs. Your replacement costs will vary depending on the type of vehicle that you own.

There are several steps that you must take whenever windshield repair isn’t an option. From a financial standpoint, you must ensure that you’ll get a warranty on a replacement windshield. A great warranty will cover a vehicle inspection.

Prep and Inspection Strategies

In order to find a reputable company that has the ability to fix your windshield, you must do research. A company’s certifications matter, so ensure that your preferred glass shop has the proper certifications. All businesses that are certified will have high service standards. Also, find out whether or not the technicians will implement procedures by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard.

In the automotive world, OEM products are valuable because they’re made by an automobile’s manufacturer. Although aftermarket parts are great, they can’t compare to OEM products. If you go to a glass shop that uses OEM sealants for repairs and OEM windshields for replacements, you’ll appreciate the results because both solutions always provide a proper fit.


Proper insurance coverage can give you an edge when you visit a shop for windshield repairs. When you buy insurance, there will be two options.

Comprehensive coverage is a common insurance option for a vehicle. If you get it, the insurance will only cover damages that didn’t occur during a collision. There is only one way to take advantage of comprehensive coverage for windshield damage; you must add it before your windshield is chipped or cracked. If you add it after your windshield is damaged, the insurance company won’t provide coverage until the next claim.

The second option is called full glass coverage. This coverage is only offered by some insurance companies. If you have full glass coverage, you won’t have to pay a deductible when you file a claim after your windshield has been damaged.

Other Considerations

After something damages your windshield, don’t try to clean the chip or crack on the glass. This means that you must avoid visiting a car wash until the windshield has been repaired. The biggest threat is water; if water soaks a chip or crack it will cause more damage.

Whenever you have to clean your windshield, manually wipe away all dirt and debris with a damp rag. This is the best way to keep water away from the damaged areas on the windshield.

Because a windshield repair project requires proper preparations, you should always schedule an appointment in advance. On average, a technician can complete a repair project in half an hour, and replacements are typically completed in one hour.

Once you get your vehicle following a windshield repair job, you won’t be able to drive it around town immediately. You should wait about one hour because the windshield repair solution will need time to set.

Depending on the situation, it may be best to replace a windshield or repair a windshield. If you seek repairs, a technician won’t remove the factory windshield. Typically, it’s best to fix a windshield when there is a flaw in front of the driver’s seat. A replacement should always be your last option because it costs more.

If you need a pre purchase inspection gold coast, many options are available. Some technicians will perform an inspection on your property.


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