Building Sustainable Performance Management Frameworks

Performance management is a process that encourages you to look at your business systematically over time and continually improve to maintain or exceed the standards and expectations of customers and stakeholders. A sustainable performance management framework encompasses the vision, mission, values, and principles of a business; they provide longevity to an organization’s path.

Building sustainable performance management frameworks is a challenge that only a few organizations have achieved. There are several reasons why this is so, but most of them are directly linked to how the organization has approached the Performance Management process.

What exactly is a sustainable performance management framework?

First, about Performance by Design – Change Management Framework, it’s much different than what most people think. Most people may think of acronyms like VSM, CMMi, etc., which are not the main differentiator of the success of a sustainable framework. The real key is determining what will be measured for that organization and where those measurements will go. Some frameworks like the Balanced Scorecard (which originates from Kaplan and Norton’s original balanced scorecard) may measure how well you are doing based on your vision statements metrics via sales.

Costing of programs and activities

A performance framework is a planning approach utilized by the city manager to structure and execute the organization’s operations to enhance operational and organizational success. It is supported by a series of policies, procedures, financial management procedures, and controls. An effective performance framework allows employees to follow a set of common steps with a well-developed design for measuring results.

The relationship between the goals and objectives of an organization and its actual performance is referred to as its “Strategic Performance Framework.” This relationship, which is detailed through a set of agreements and guiding principles, ensures that desired results are achieved consistently and transparently throughout the organization. All organizations have strategic performance frameworks in place, but their effectiveness depends on the strength of their relationships between their goals and their real performance.

Fosters communication and informed decision making

Evaluating an employee’s performance is both difficult and complex. The notion of performance evaluation itself is considered to be a very subjective process. Therefore, it can be deemed impossible to provide a clear definition of what performance should be. This is because to define the term. It is often necessary to first quantify performance evaluation or measure performance.  As an alternative and given that there are many types of performance evaluation processes, measures, and tools on the market today, this article focuses on the importance of creating and maintaining a good and reliable performance measurement system within federal agencies.

IT development and reporting

Management responsibility is a critical factor in developing cost-effective information technology (IT) development and management reporting. It requires the utilization of a structured framework to evaluate and report performance-based business goals established to achieve information technology innovation. The author stresses the importance of establishing an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) type of management framework for IT activities. The framework’s value is in setting up IT goals and objectives and showing tangible support that can be used for the decision-making process. For this reason, it is also very crucial that proposed projects be evaluated on certain criteria so as not to hinder the management processes with unnecessary expenditure.


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